From 1 April 2023, Webmeetings service will be discontinued in favor of video communication services based on open solutions. To choose the solution that best suits your needs, please consult the comparative table.
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Enter a Vconf virtual room

Access to a Vconf virtual room can take place in different ways:

  • in audio and video via WebRTC via web browser (or client app)

  • in audio and video via H.323 device terminal

  • in audio via PSTN by a classic phone call

By accessing the GARR Meet booking address, the coordinates to access the virtual room will be visible according to one of the methods described below.


WebRTC access via web browser (or Pexip Infinity Connect client app)

Access via browser can take place:

  • by clicking on the Enter button and following the automatic redirect to the virtual room via the Pexip web app

  • by accessing the Pexip web app at and manually making the call by typing the room ID shown at the GARR Meet booking address (ID Pexip in the above image)

  • starting the Pexip client app after having installed it on your PC and making the call in the same way indicated for the web app. To download and install the client app see Pexip Infinity Platform

For more information on using the Pexip web or client app read the official documentation:

Call via H.323 terminal

Using the H.323 terminal, make a call by typing the room ID shown at the GARR Meet booking address (ID H.323 in the image above).

PSTN phone call

Make a classic phone call by typing the room telephone number shown at the GARR Meet booking address (Phone in the image above).