• How it works

How it works

Le informazioni riportate nella presente pagine sono da applicarsi esclusivamente ai servizi soggetti a prenotazione attualmente disponibili: AudioConf.

IDEM access

GARR Meet is accessible with IDEM credentials, so there’s no need of registration in order to use the service, but it is sufficient to log in directly using your account by selecting the name of the institution during the login. On this page you can check the membership of your organization in IDEM

Room avalability

Once booking has been made, an URL will be generated (unless entered manually). It will be effectly available only at the booking starting time; at the end, the session will be interrupeted automaticcaly without any warning.

Room opening

As soon as the virtual room is available, the host user will receive an e-mail notification and will be able to access it. Participants will be able to access it according to the selected mode.

Remove a booking

Booking can be canceled before the room opening

Extend a booking

Subject to availability of the virtual room, during the meeting, the booking can be extended of 30 minute steps.The extend feature is available in the booking page in your personal area

Closing room in advance

If the meeting ends before the scheduled time, it is possible to close the virtual room early from the booking page in your personal area.