Vconf Technical requirements

To attend a meeting, ensure to satisfy the following minimal technical requirements

  • High-bandwidth and stable network

  • An up to date web browser with WebRTC support (Google Chrome recommended)

    • or Pexip Infinity Connect client

    • or H.323 device

  • Microphone (and preferably headset)

  • Webcam (optional, but recommended for presenters)

Perform a Network Connection test to verify your network connection.

Firewall configuration

If your network is protected by a firewall, please verify the following ports and IP addresses are reachable:

Description Port Protocol Destination
H.323 (RAS signaling) 1719 UDP
H.323 (H.225/Q.931 signaling) 1720 TCP
H.323 (H.245 signaling) 33000-39999 TCP
Pexip Infinity Connect (WebRTC Audio/Video) 40000-49999 TCP,UDP

Perform a Test della connessione to verify your network connection.

Is possible to verify your network connection with GARR SpeedTest or simply with a test call here

Pexip Infinity Platform

Pexip Infinity Platform can be as alternative to the web browser

Click here to download the installer for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


The Pexip Infinity Platform app client consist of a standalone implementation of the web app used with a browser at We recommend using the web app via browser.