• BlueMeet (BigBlueButton): Federation model

BlueMeet (BigBlueButton): Federation model

The high demand for BlueMeet requires a scalable service delivery model, that can ensure sustainability from the infrastructure point of view and flexibility from the user perspective (technical support and authorisation policy).

For this reason, the service is offered as API. This means that the service will be co-managed by GARR and the requesting organisation. While the back-end infrastructure will be managed by GARR, the organisation will deal autonomously with the management of the front-end component (installed on its own resources) as well as with the administrative management of users access and the technical support. This solution ensures scalability and service customisation

Federation architecture

The Federated solution proposed by GARR exploits the architectural features of the BigBlueButton platform, in particular the possibility to decouple the Greenlight front-end and the Scalelite application proxy and back-end pool. Newer versions of Scalelite support the possibility to connect different front-ends (such as Moodle or other LMS and CMS in addition to Greenlight [*]) at the same time. While the user databases are located within the clients, the different front-ends can access a central proxy. In this way, each organisation can autonomously manage users permissions, thus making end-user support flexible and sustainable.


Il modello appena descritto è stato già messo in opera da GARR tramite tre diversi front-end: Greenlight del servizio BlueMeet, Moodle del servizio Learning GARR, e Moodle del servizio Learning dell’Archivio Centrale dello Stato. I tre front-end, mediati da uno Scalelite centralizzato, condividono il pool dei back-end in maniera indipendente tra loro.

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