I never used GARR Meet, how do I participate in a meeting?

The host user will tell you the URL of the room you can access as soon as the room is open. The event can be held on one of the systems of GARR Meet.On the same page of the meeting you will find links to access instructions.

I have connectivity issues

You can check your network connection by executing a bandwidth test on GARR SpeedTest <https://speedtest.garr.it> or, in case of

  • WebMeetings execute diagnostic test here

  • Vconf make a test call here

I can’t hear and/or I can’t speak in the virtual room

Please follow the audio configuration wizard procedure. You can select it from the ‘Meetings’ menu, when inside the the virtual room.

Is my browser supported?

All modern browsers with WebRTC and HTML5 support.

The technical requirements to participate in a virtual room meeting are described in the following sections:

Where can I download the WebMeetings client?

WebMeetings clients are described in Adobe Connect Application.

What’s the maximum duration for a meeting?

12 hours is the longest slot allowed for a virtual room reservation.

What is the difference between host, presenter and participant?

The host is the person who organised the meeting and booked the virtual room.
A presenter is a person who is scheduled to speak or present during the meeting. Presenters are nominated by the host and granted with the right to mute/unmute themselves and share their screen.
A participant is a person who follows the meeting and needs to raise his/her hand and wait for the host to unmute him/her to speak.

I’ve recorder my meeting. Where do I find the recording?

At the end of the meeting, recordings will be listed and accessible from the booking page of the meeting.

For further information please read the tutorial Recording a meeting

For further information please read the tutorial Recordings and live streaming management

The video recordings will be kept for 28 days, after they will be permanently deleted without the possibility of recovery.

What are the costs to participate a meeting by phone on WebMeetings, Vconf o AudioConf?

The phone numbers associated to the GARR Meet service are fixed line numbers with 06 prefix (Rome). The call costs are therefore the normal costs foreseen in the user’s price plan for a normal call to the Rome area