• Description of the service

Description of the service

What is GARR Meet

GARR Meet is single portal for booking and access to the audio and video conferencing tools in order to meet all the needs of the Italian research and education community.

  • Services subject to reservation: WebMeetings, Vconf and AudioConf

  • Free access services, without registration, for instant meeting: OpenMeet, eduMeet and BlueMeet

There are different access modes to the services:

  • with IDEM credentials: WebMeetings, Vconf, AudioConf and BlueMeet

  • without authentication: OpenMeet and eduMeet


WebMeetings is a web-conferencing system based on Adobe® Connect Recommended for webinars, WebMeetings is a web conferencing service for remote communication and collaboration. Among the key features: screen and file sharing, real-time surveys, public and private chat and session recording. WebMeetings is suitable for distance learning,e-collaboration and online conferences (rooms for up to 700 users). For mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (with Adobe Connect application).



Suitable for legacy video conferencing equipment and VTC rooms, Vconf is a service based on the Pexip Infinity Connect software. This system supports the WebRTC standard via browser or app, for both desktop and mobile, and maintains compatibility with legacy H.323 protocol. Vconf provides for FullHD video resolution for up to 100 simultaneous participants. Thanks to the integration with the GARR.tv service, Vconf offers live streaming and session recording features.



AudioConf è il servizio di audio-conferenza tramite chiamata telefonica tradizionale, per gruppi fino a 20 partecipanti.



Based on Jitsi, OpenMeet, is an open source solution to organise video calls directly from the web browser, no registration required. The service can be used also from mobile (with the JitsiMeet app - for iOS and Android). Recommended for instant meetings for up to 20 participants. OpenMeet is offered in best effort mode and is open to everyone.



EduMeet can be used both on mobile (iOS and Android) and on desktop directly from the web browser. The service is based on the Mediasoup open source system, developed within the European collaboration GÉANT. With EduMeet users can hold instant meetings even with devices that are not particularly powerful and with suboptimal connections, for a maximum recommended of about 20 participants. The service, offered by GARR in best effort mode, is open to everyone and supports room moderation through IDEM federated authentication



BlueMeet, basato sulla piattaforma open-source BigBlueButton, è una soluzione specifica per la didattica integrata ad accesso federato per lezioni DID/DAD e seminari web. BlueMeet è disponibile in modalità federazione, per maggiori informazioni consultare BlueMeet (BigBlueButton): Modello di federazione.

Service recipients

WebMeetings, Vconf, AudioConf and BlueMeet are offered to the organizations and sites connected to the GARR Network that are joined to the Digital Identity Federation IDEM, except for schools. OpenMEET and eduMeet are free access services, so with no need of authentication (except for the eduMeet moderation feature).

Due to the high demand for the service, we recommend that each organization manage local technical support internally, and subsequently, if necessary, forward requests to the GARR support.

Who can make a reservation

WebMeetings, Vconf, AudioConf and BlueMeet are meant to be allowed in booking mode only to users identified as staff of their organization. All the rest (e.g. students in case of universities) can access the services only in participant mode.


staff affiliation is defined by the IDEM attribute eduPersonScopedAffiliation. For further information read Specifiche tecniche per la compilazione e l’uso degli attributi.

Who can attend a meeting

Usage as participant and presenter is allowed to all with no need of registration but subject to the approval of the host.