Technical requirements

WebRTC technology is relatively new; it is still undergoing development and a standardisation process. As it uses web browser technology each stage of its development is done for a particular version of a web browser; therefore, it is important that only the latest versions of web browsers are used.

Supported web browsers (in the newest versions):


  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

Other supported web browsers:

  • Opera

  • Edge

  • Safari

System requirements

In general the client site application is OS independent as it works in the web browser but some IOS based devices (especially the older ones) may cause various problems with the support of the audio and video devices.

Now that you have checked and established that you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox and AV equipment (headphones/speakers, microphone, camera) we can start. If you will be only a passive participant, speakers are enough. In other cases you will need at least also a microphone.

Firewall configuration

If your network is protected by a firewall, please verify the following ports and IP addresses are reachable:

Description Port Protocol Destination
WebRTC audio/video 40000-49999 UDP