WebMeetings technical requirements

To attend a meeting, ensure to satisfy the following minimal technical requirements

  • High-bandwidth and stable network

  • Adobe Connect Application (strongly recommended)

    • otherwise a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc

  • Microphone (and preferably headset)

  • Webcam (optional, but recommended for presenters)

Perform a Network Connection test to verify your network connection.

Firewall configuration

If your network is protected by a firewall, please verify the following ports and IP addresses are reachable:

Description Port Protocol Destination

Adobe Connect Application

Links where you can download Adobe Connect for desktop and mobile.


Uninstall previous releases before install the new one


Nelle applicazioni mobile (Android e iOS) l’accesso via IDEM è disponibile scegliendo Alternative Login dopo aver inserito l’URL della stanza.

Network connection test

Perform network connection test using:

  • The appropriate tool Adobe Connect Diagnostic to verify the network connection and the configuration of your device.

  • demo virtual room:

    Once you entered the virtual room:

    • Verify the connection status clicking on the network indicator on the upper-right

    • Execute Audio configuration wizard

Further recommendations

  • GARR WebMeetings is designed to be used by individual users, each from their own workstation. It is strongly not recommended to use a single PC for groups of people, especially if you do not have an environmental microphone with echo suppression.

  • Use headset in order to avoid echo

  • For a better experience, it is recommended to mute your microphone when you are not speaking.