Manage a SIP phone connection in a WebMeetings virtual room

The guide for managing a telephone conference call described below is for the host user.

Connection with a telephone conference call must be requested during the booking. Connection details will be provided after booking on the summary page and in the notification email.

Audioconference start

Upon entering the virtual room, a dialog box will be presented which will propose the start of the connection: select Start audio conference.


If you don’t want to start the audio conference immediately by clicking on the Cancel button, you can proceed later by selecting the Start audio conference as shown below.


If you choose to postpone the start of the audio conference, the virtual room audio will be completely disabled and the microphone controls will not be displayed. Follow the steps below to turn the sound back on.


A notification will inform you that the connection is in progress:


A further notification will communicate that the connection was successful and the audio stream from the SIP conference room will be transmitted to the virtual room:


Enable the microphone

The procedure described in this paragraph is valid for both host, presenter and participant users.

In a virtual room connected with a SIP audio conference, to enable the microphone and transmit your audio also to those connected by telephone, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Click on the highlighted icon

  2. Click on Speaker/Microphone of the device


    The toolbar will now look like this:

  3. Enable the microphone as per normal practice


The toolbar shown in the previous images relates to the host view. Participant users and presenters will see a toolbar with fewer controls.

Pause the transmission

It is possible to pause the audio transmission coming from the telephone bridge by selecting Pause audio transmission as shown in the figure. Note that this option pauses only receiving audio from the SIP audio conference but not in the opposite direction. Those connected by telephone will continue to listen to the audio coming from the virtual room.


To reactivate the transmission carry out the same procedure: