Presenters how-to

The Presenter user receives the presenter rights from host. He/She can control only the sharing pod in order to share a document or the screen.


Users can access the virtual room:

  • as guests, by specifying their name, surname and home organisation (in brackets)e.g. Mario Rossi [GARR]

  • with their IDEM credentials, if they have an account belonging to the federation

To be recognized as a host, the booking user must use IDEM access.

Allow microphone right to a participant

Whenever a participant Alzare la mano per richiedere il diritto di parola, a popup will notify the host. From the popup, the host can reject or accept the request and unmute the participant.


To revoke speaking rights, the host can simply click on the Disable microphone option that appears by selecting the user in the Participants box.

Screen sharing

To share a document, click on Share document in the Sharing pod and browse to seletct the appropriate document, that can also be uploaded from your pc.


Other features