Participants how to

The Participant attends the meeting and has to raise the hand in order to speak.


Users can access the virtual room:

  • as guests, by specifying their name, surname and home organisation (in brackets)e.g. Mario Rossi [GARR]

  • with their IDEM credentials, if they have an account belonging to the federation

To be recognized as a host, the booking user must use IDEM access.

Raise hand to request the right to speak

Come in una conferenza reale, per poter intervenire verbalmente è necessario chiedere il diritto di parola attraverso l’alzata di mano. Questa è possibile attraverso l’apposita icona nella toolbar.


Una volta accolta la richiesta, si noterà la presenza del controllo per la connessione del microfono.


Read Utilizzo microfono e webcam

Webcam and microphone usage

Usage of microphone and webcam in a virtual room is possible after connection by clicking on respectively icons:


Other features