Hosts how to

The host user is the owner of the room, he manages and moderates the meeting having full control of the virtual room.


Users can access the virtual room:

  • as guests, by specifying their name, surname and home organisation (in brackets)e.g. Mario Rossi [GARR]

  • with their IDEM credentials, if they have an account belonging to the federation

To be recognized as a host, the booking user must use IDEM access.

Grant microphone rights to a participant

Whenever a participant Alzare la mano per richiedere il diritto di parola, a popup will notify the host. From the popup, the host can reject or accept the request and unmute the participant.


To revoke microphone rights, just click on Disable microphone by right-clicking the user in the Participants menu

Promoting a participant to Presenter or Host

One or more participants can be promoted to presenter or host directly from the virtual room, by selecting the user in the box Participants and clicking on the appropriate option.


Sharing documents

To share a document, click on Share document in the Sharing pod and browse to seletct the appropriate document, that can also be uploaded from your pc.


Recording a meeting

WebMeetings allows to record the sessions and access them (either by downloading or reproducing them) within 28 days from the meeting date. This feature is only available for the meeting host who booked the session.

At the end of the meeting, recordings will be listed and accessible from the WebMeetings booking portal.

How to record your meeting

Select Record meeting (Registra in Italian) from the Meeting menu (Riunione in Italian)


Provide a file name for the recording and confirm.


A notification will appear in the right-upper corner of the interface.


To stop the recording, select Stop recording (Interrompi Registrazione in Italian).


Converting and downloading a recording

You can convert and download a WebMeetings session in MP4 or FLV formats. This conversion only takes place locally, using the Adobe Connect for desktop.

At the end of the meeting, when the virtual room is closed, recordings will be listed onthe meeting details page on the WebMeetings booking portal, in the subsection Recordings. Each” “stream can be replayed (only a user with the hosting rights can play the file, after logging in), or” “convert it and download it locally. For each of these options, click on the appropriate icon.


By clicking on the download icon, the Adobe Connect application will start and a menu will help you to define conversion parameters for your stream.


Click on Proceed to offline recording, browse and save the file in a local folder.The stream will be reproduced in the Adobe Connect application and converted in MP4 or FLV format.” “At the end of this process, a window will appear summarising the actual details of the recording.” “The actual quality and resolution of the generated MP4 file depend on system resources and some” “downgrade from the selected configuration may be applied. Please check the window to learn more on” “the resolution and FPS obtained.

Other features